I studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, where I qualified as a Scenografa. I then worked as art director in cinema and in commercials for over sixteenth years.

 In 1999 I moved to England where I was very lucky to live next door to the potter, Sarah Walton and took some lessons with her in her studio. This was my first encounter with clay; and this developed into a lasting interest in the material and its endless forms of expression.

I then to completed a PhD in Museology at the University of Leeds and had to abandon pottery for a while because of lack of time. In 2014, I took lessons for a year at the studio of Kerry Hastings at the Cockpit Centre in Holborn. Shortly after that, I moved to Turning Earth and never stopped “potting” since then.

 At present, I am working mainly with white glaze on Black Volcanic clay. The combination of these two opposite colours offers me enormous opportunities to research the relationship between colour and material in all their nuances.


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