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My background is a bit different from most potters, and my work draws from my diverse yet formative experiences.

I was born in Asturias, a northern Spanish province filled with wild spaces. My work echoes the rough qualities found throughout Asturias’ rugged cliffs, plush vegetation and seaside beaches, with colours and textures inspired by these surroundings. With eddies of greens, blues and earthy browns, every piece is unique, even when part of a series.

Although I have had numerous diverse careers throughout my life, it was while working within Japanese restaurants that I first became drawn to pottery. Inspired by the exquisite vessels, plates and bowls, I was moved by their use of raw materials, and the methods and traditions utilized to create this functional tableware. 

My vision is to create beautiful functional pieces for everyday use. Some rustic, others refined, but always a pleasure to hold and feel. All my creations are made by hand—some wheel thrown, others carefully hand built. I seek to imbed each piece with both a sense of an artistic creation and daily utility.

Some of my work is inspired on the “Mingei” folk art movement. I offer hand-crafted pieces providing beauty and functionality from these everyday objects.


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