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Studio jAN.NE.KE is a one-person collective making ceramics, wearables and paper-related goods. I make individual hand-built and wheel-thrown pots and jugs, curated sets of vessels, and ceramic jewellery with a focus on process and purpose.

BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN - An ongoing exploration of acceptance. Part of a wider discovery of 'wabi sabi', the Japanese aesthetic of accepting imperfections and transience. Finding beauty in variation, nurturing a belief that things can be more beautiful for having been broken.

LEAVING A MARK - Exploring the significance of marks – whether they are left by time, by accident or on purpose.

THE VALUE OF VULNERABILITY - A conscious effort to be vulnerable, to remain soft whilst finding my way around confidence, acceptance, self-image and what it means to be an artist, a female, a human being.

PERMISSION TO PLAY - Creating a playground for discovery. Allowing time and space for being a beginner, making mistakes and learning to be okay with whatever happens.

SLOW FOCUS - Purposefully slowing down and doing things 'the hard way'. Learning to enjoy the process and appreciating the time it takes - without focusing on the result. The more conscious time is spent on something, the more sustainable value it has.

MAKERS GONNA MAKE - Celebrating the craft of making. Sharing who and what influences me to make, and seeking out inspiring collaborations. Within a trend focusing on makers and their craft, finding the space to educate on process, value, worth, credit and practice.

 I've always been in love with making, but once I discovered ceramics, I've been obsessed. For the past three years I've been taking group classes at Standpoint Studios, taught by Nicola Tassie, and sometimes Stuart Carey, Sevak Zargarian and Adam Ross - as well as working from my spare room (and kitchen, and any other free surface I could find...). I've sold online and in person, and am currently putting together a collection to sell online and through local shops in the new year.


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