In Production is Turning Earth's full-time maker space and incubator programme for small ceramics businesses. Designed with full-time makers and ceramicists with comparatively large space requirements in mind, the studio is designed to help you keep your overheads small while you develop new ideas or get your business off the ground.

In Production is comprised of a tight group of 25 makers who have the option to collaborate with each other as they develop their projects. We know that as makers grow within the collective studio environment, the time comes when more space, or more studio time becomes a necessity, but launching your own studio may still be beyond your reach, whether because of high London rents or your need to develop studio management skills. Turning Earth subsidises professional training in studio management skills and business skills with the aim of helping our makers launch viable businesses, whether within the collective In Production studio or in their own future premises.

This opportunity is open to any ceramicist in the London area who wants support taking their career to the next level within a collective studio environment. It may be that you simply want more space or more time, or that you feel the support of a creative community could be advantageous. We aim to offer a low risk way for you to explore so that you can safely develop into the next stage of your career.


Rental price: £280 per month
Refundable key deposit: £100

  • Includes use of all shared equipment and any-time access.
  • Minimum contract length is six-months.
  • Your deposit of £100 will be returned when you leave the studio.
  • Please note: the feasibility of 24-hour access is still being determined. There may be some security measures around locking at night, in the interest of the safety of everyone’s work. We are currently operating 24-hour access but reserve the right to revoke this if it is too time consuming to manage it cost-effectively.

Additional costs (guide prices)

  • Firing is charged per use (prices based on 290 litre internal volume L&L kiln)
    • Full kiln £40  (covers energy, element use, normal wear and tear)
  • Clay is available at Turning Earth reduced member prices.
  • Other materials available at cost through our shop.
    • Glaze materials are sold in the amounts needed at cost to give you ready access to materials at bulk prices
    • Packaging materials are available at cost, to make fulfillment straightforward and affordable

Please note: as a condition of membership, makers must each clean for one hour each week on a schedule.

Individual space

  • Personal 8-shelf storage trolley (61 x 100 x 178cm) with removable wooden shelves
  • Additional storage space for other equipment including
    • plaster moulds
    • glazes
    • kiln shelves
    • complete work

Shared facilities

  • 2 x L&L top-loading kilns
  • 10 shimpo wheels
  • Making tables
  • 2 x Slab rollers
  • Spray gun
  • Damp storage
  • Pugmill
  • Waste collection systems
  • Extruder
  • Shop with glaze materials and packing supplies at cost
  • Technician onsite at least 40 hours a week to assist with inductions, cleaning, and to give guidance on glaze mixing and kiln loading
  • Manager onsite at least 10 hours a week to handle supplies, studio rental, and operational management
  • Kitchenette
  • Shower

Ongoing support and training

Full inductions and training on kiln firing and all machines in use at Turning Earth will be given to all makers before they start.

There is also a technician on hand for at least 40 hours a week to give advice on kiln programming, glaze mixing, clay reclaim, plaster and other studio processes. Makers will be supported to learn to manage their studio needs as they grow an independent business.

Kiln and equipment maintenance and repairs will be undertaken by members with full support and guidance from our technical team. This is to help you develop full confidence in studio management so you can operate an independent studio.

Business resources

Resources for makers include:

  • On-site gallery (in development)
  • Meeting area where you can bring clients
  • WI-FI
  • Office equipment with printer and power outlets
  • Photo booth and product photo mentoring
  • Website profile
  • Regular group networking events
  • Access to start-up training events with our partners
  • Promotion of your unique brand within the ‘In Production’ collective identity

Additional workers

£15 a day for an additional worker (must be fully inducted into all relevant equipment)

Turning Earth environment

  • 2,000 sq ft workspace
  • Access to the Turning Earth Centre facilities
  • Abundant natural light
  • Beautiful, bright, well-maintained space to work
  • Outside seating area
  • Turning Earth creative community
  • 22 members
  • Quarterly members meeting where members have a say in the development of the organisation
  • Regular footfall into the onsite gallery from class participants

Teaching opportunities and development

  • Priority training to become a Turning Earth teacher
  • Priority allocation of Turning Earth classes once qualified, held in the dedicated classroom area within the centre.