Admission to In Production is by application, and we are currently recruiting new members. Please read all of the information here and on our ‘About’ page carefully and then click on the ‘Apply for membership’ button at the bottom of this page. Please note that the application form is quite detailed: you will need to allow 30-45 minutes to complete it.

Some financial details...

Payments will be taken in advance by a recurring card payment each month.

***If you do not wish to pay by card for some reason, we will also take payments via bank transfer. To keep administrative costs and processing time to a minimum we take upfront payments in increments of either six months (£1,980 standard or £2,340 with private area) or one year (£3,960 standard or £4,680 with private area). Upfront payments are due one month in advance of the expiry date of the previous payment.

A refundable key deposit of £100 is due the day you start. Your first monthly payment is due on the day you start.

Firing is charged at £40 per 290 litre glaze kiln - and this also covers the cost of bisque firing. This is charged weekly by card based on kiln booking records.

And some terms and conditions...

The minimum occupancy term at In Production is 6 months, although there is a trial period of 2 months at which point either you or the studio can choose to terminate the contract. Prices are valid for one year. You can expect the price to increase annually in line with cost increases. You must give two month’s notice before cancelling your contract.  Your contract will automatically renew at the end of year one, unless notice is given. Please note that unlike Turning Earth membership, this is a permanent studio rental and can’t be suspended.

All makers must clean communal areas on a schedule for an hour a week minimum, on a rota that will be drawn up by the studio and reviewed by members at quarterly meetings. Any disabilities that may impact your capacity to do a particular task should be communicated to the member committee so that these can be taken into consideration.

All members are expected to keep all private storage areas, as well as work space clean. All personal storage shelves and the floors underneath should be thoroughly cleaned every two weeks.

Please note that all facilities outlined are subject to change as we find the best way to make the studio work. It’s still a work in progress at this stage, so information should be used for guidance only.

Please note: In Production is designed as a non-profit collaborative workspace. To keep prices to a minimum, there is no budget to support makers through work-exchange. If you have financial difficulties and would like to supplement your income through teaching, there may be an opportunity for you to train as a Turning Earth teacher. Teaching a class a week can help cover your studio rental.


Once we receive your application we will read through it carefully and let you know within a week if you will be invited to interview.

Once you are enrolled we will organise a start date and then ask you to send professional images of your work to be included in the makers directory on our website, along with an artist’s statement (150 to 250 words). If you don’t have images don’t worry: our in-house photographer can take a few when he does our next Instagram shoot.